William Trost Richards (June 3, 1833 - April 17, 1905)

This painting Breakers II has been luring me into thoughts of planning a heist. I remember visiting a beautiful home and there it was, this painting that mesmerized me. Never fancied myself a early American landscape painting type of person. But this seascape was my childhood house’s backyard. I would lay winkless as lights in my surrounding neighborhood one by one turned off and people were in there own little dreamworld. I am a chronic insomniac or maybe just a worry-wort. I imagine just like the ice-cream truck melody must haunt the man working the job, the song “Que Sera Sera” (technically it was Che Sera Sera written for Alfred Hitchcock’s film in 1956) would run in my head over and over again. The unknown was and still continues to be a fearful force to face. The only way I could calm myself down was climbing out my window and sneaking to sit by the Mediterranean Sea and watch waves crash onto shore and lull back again. This energy (kinetic and potential) was my reassurance that the world would go round and round. Therefore I should let go, close my eyes and dream.